Classic Preamp Out of Stock August 09 2023

We unexpectedly sold out on the Classic over a few days last week.

There’s now a wait list for the Classic, and the current lead time is 8-10 weeks. Sorry about the delay. Tavish Design is a very small company, and although we ship several units each week, at present we can only build things so fast, due to our suppliers’ lead times and our own assembly backlog.

There’s no obligation if you join the wait list. We ask for a daytime phone number (only essential if you don't check your email daily) and a shipping zip code to calculate sales tax (in NY) or shipping charges (outside NY). We would send an email invoice about a week before your unit is ready, with links to complete the purchase by credit card or PayPal.

Classic Preamp in Stock May 03 2023

We now have a few Classic preamps in stock. We sold all the Vintage preamps in the last batch, but they are available on fairly short lead time. Please contact us.

Shipping products slowly January 05 2023

As most of our customers already know, we’re building and shipping products very slowly, due to an acute labor shortage and long lead times on unique and custom parts for our products. We’re also dealing with increased costs, and have just been forced to raise Adagio prices for 2023. The price increases don’t apply to customers already on our waiting lists.

Please contact us for up-to-date information on current product lead times.

Longer term, the solution will be to redesign our products to use fewer unique or single-source parts, and to be less labor-intensive to build. We’ll also discontinue certain products and product variants. Please bear with us as we work through our labor and parts shortages.


Classic and Vintage Supply Chain Problems April 25 2022

Our Vintage and Classic preamps have been impacted by supply chain problems – the toroidal high voltage transformers are out of stock at every distributor in the US and I’m currently seeing a ship date of 8/1/2022 for those components. So, if that date from the transformer distributor is correct, the earliest ship date for Vintage and Classic preamps would be late August.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll give updates as the situation evolves.



Vacuum Tube Changes, Vintage and Classic Updates March 01 2022

Until further notice, our Vintage phono preamp will be available only with JJ 6SL7 (the Tung-Sol Reissue 6SL7GT and Sovtek 6H9C/6SL7 will not be available). And, the Adagio will be shipping with JJ EF86. The Electroharmonix EF86 will not be available.

We've been forced to raise our prices on both the Vintage and Classic preamps, because of rapidly rising prices for the components we buy. The new prices will take effect on March 2, 2022. We are still holding the line on prices for customers already on the waiting lists.

Thanks for your understanding.



Adagio Price Increases and Component Supplier Change December 13 2021

As most of you know, the price of electronic components has risen sharply over the last two years, especially for the custom components that we have manufactured for us in North America. We’ve been holding the line on prices, but we have finally been forced to raise our own prices in response. We’ve also changed suppliers for some of our enclosure components, which should hopefully result in a more timely and consistent supply of parts for us.

The price changes apply to customers who join our wait list after 12/13/2021. For customers already on our wait lists, we’re still honoring the prices in effect when they joined the list.

Thanks for your understanding.


UPS Price Increases and Electronic Component Shortages June 30 2021

All the major carriers, including UPS and FedEx, have raised prices significantly on parcel shipments in 2021. Tavish Design gets a small discount from UPS due to our shipping volume (a few shipments and deliveries every week), but we obviously don’t have the same influence that Amazon does. The shipping charge that appears on a customer invoice is the actual UPS insured shipping rate that Tavish Design pays.

Like many manufacturers, big and small, Tavish Design has been struggling with electronic component shortages in 2021. These shortages go beyond integrated circuits and include such common items as resistors, capacitors, relays, and transformers. Almost all the vendors we buy components from have increased their own lead times for shipment to us. As a result, our lead times have increased also. Please bear with us as we try to bring our wait lists under control.

Along with the component shortages have come higher prices, which have raised Tavish Design’s costs. So far, we are holding the line on our own prices, but that may change in the future. If Tavish Design is forced to raise prices, the price increases won’t affect customers who are already on a wait list; the price you pay is whatever it was when you joined the wait list.

Thanks for your understanding.



Tavish Design is Open; Tavish Adagio in April 2020 Stereophile and JAZZIZ online March 24 2020

Tavish Design is open and we're busy building things. Please contact us if the item you want is out of stock; we'll add your name to the wait list.

Our Adagio Phono Preamp was recently re-listed as a Stereophile Recommended Component in the April 2020 issue (p. 76 in the hardcopy). Thanks!

Ian White of JAZZIZ included Tavish Design's Adagio in his online article A Musical Boost: 5 Phono Pre-Amplifiers That Will Make Listening to Vinyl Better When Working Remotely. Here's the link:   Thanks Ian!

I also note with much sadness the passing of Art Dudley on April 14. I met Art at the 2015 NY Audio Show, and in subsequent phone calls he provided early encouragement for my business, and he wrote an influential Stereophile review of our Adagio phono preamp. I'll miss his column in Stereophile.


Tavish Adagio in October 2019 Stereophile October 27 2019

Our Adagio phono preamp was recently relisted as a Stereophile Recommended Component in the October 2019 edition (see p. 81 in the hardcopy, or


Tavish Adagio in March 2019 Stereophile; new FAQ page April 18 2019

Our Adagio phonograph preamplifier was recently re-listed as a Stereophile Recommended Component in the March 2019 issue. Thanks!

We've also created a new FAQ page with answers to the most common questions we get by email and phone, and we'll be adding to it regularly.

Tavish Adagio Review in March 2018 Stereophile February 16 2018

Herb Reichert wrote a very nice Follow-Up review of the Adagio Phono Stage in the March 2018 issue of Stereophile, p. 115. We think he might have said it's the best phono preamp he knows of under $3000. Thanks Herb! Here's the online link.

Tavish Design in February Stereophile January 22 2018

Herb Reichert gave the Tavish Adagio phono stage a nice mention in the February 2018 issue of Stereophile, in his Gramophone Dreams review of the MoFi UltraDeck on p.37 (you'll have to read to the last page of the review). Herb has been giving us a plug almost every month! Thanks Herb!!

Tavish Design in December Stereophile, Tavish Design News & Products January 02 2018

Tavish Design's Adagio phono preamp got more brief mentions in December's Stereophile, in Herb Reichert's review of the Outlaw RR2160 on p. 72, and in his Gramophone Dreams column on p. 37.

And regrettably, we've been forced to raise the price of all versions of the Adagio by $100, effective today. Everybody hates price increases, and we've tried to hold the line as much as possible. The Adagio is a labor-intensive product built in small quantities in the USA. Our prices have to track our costs, or we can't keep making them - it's that simple. This increase does not affect people who are already on the waiting list.

Finally, we should have a couple of new products on the web in the coming months, a dual mono-block 30W/ch tube power amplifier using push-pull JJ 2A3-40s or 300Bs, and an OTL tube headphone amplifier based on the 6AS7G.


Tavish Design in November 2017 Stereophile October 23 2017

Tavish Design got a positive mention in the November 2017 issue of Stereophile, in Herb Reichert's review of the Rogue Audio RH-5 headphone amp on p.97. Herb liked the Rogue RH-5, and he likes the Tavish Design Adagio phono preamp as well. Thanks Herb!

Classic and Vintage Phono Stages Back to Wait List........ June 28 2017

The Classic and Vintage Phono Stages we brought back into stock sold out quickly. Sorry. We're building more continuously. Please send us an email if you would like to buy one.

Thanks. Scott

Classic and Vintage Phono Stages Back in Stock June 15 2017

We've filled our wait lists for the Classic and Vintage Phono preamps, and we have a few units back in stock.

There are still wait lists for the Adagio Phono Stage and Minotaur Power Amplifier. Please send us an email if you would like to purchase either of those items. We do hope to have those back in stock in the coming months, also.

Thanks for your patience. Scott

Wait Lists February 03 2017

We currently have wait lists for all of our equipment, including the Adagio, Vintage, Classic, and Minotaur. Sorry about that. At present, my son and I build everything we sell, and we can only build things so fast. Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of our products,  and we'll add your name to the list. There's no obligation. Thanks for your patience.

It is difficult to scale up our business quickly, since it involves leasing space, hiring employees, buying insurance, etc. But if the wait lists persist, we will move ahead. Thanks for your understanding.


Vintage Phono Stage Sold Out Again December 02 2016

We had several Vintage Phono Stages in stock, but they sold out quickly. Like the Classic Phono Stage, it is now available on 1-2 week lead time. Please send us an email if you'd like to buy one, and we'll send an invoice when your unit is ready. Sorry for the delay; we're working to get these back in regular stock. Thanks for your patience.

Vintage Phono Stage Back in Stock November 22 2016

We just finished a batch of Vintage Phono Preamps, and they are now back in stock.

We're continuing to work through our wait list for the Adagio Phono Stage. Please contact us if you'd like to add your name to the wait list, or if you would like to know your position on the list.

Finally, the Classic Phono Stage is available on about 1 week lead time; please send us an email if you'd like to buy one.

Please contact us if you have any questions ( Thanks!

Minotaur and Adagio Update October 17 2016

The Minotaur is back in stock. We’re just finishing a batch of Minotaur amplifiers. We’ve satisfied our wait list and will shortly have a few units left from the batch in stock.

This will allow us to turn our attention back to satisfying our Adagio wait list.

Thanks everyone, for your patience.


Latest Reviews September 07 2016

Greg Voth just published a great review of our Vintage 6SL7 Phono Stage in Stereotimes. Thanks Greg! And our Adagio Phono Stage was selected as a Stereophile Recommended Component in the October 2016 issue. We'll post a link as soon as the list is available online.

Adagio Phono Stage and Minotaur Integrated Amplifier Waiting Lists August 29 2016

The Adagio Phono Stage and Minotaur Integrated Amplifier continue to have waiting lists; approximately 6 weeks for the Adagio and 8 weeks for the Minotaur. Sorry for the delays. My son and I are really gratified by the positive response and the continued demand, and especially by everyone's patience. As of today (8/29), we're beginning a new batch of Minotaurs.

Please contact us if you want to purchase either item, and we'll put your name on the waiting list. There's no obligation and no pre-payment needed - we just notify you a few days before your unit is ready and send you an email invoice. If you don't complete the purchase, your unit goes to the next person on the list, or into online inventory.

We do hope to have these available online without a waiting list in the coming months.

Longer term, we're looking for a larger production space, which would allow us to hire additional help and stock a larger parts inventory to build products faster. But we're moving slowly to make certain that demand is sustained.

Thanks, Scott

Adagio and Minotaur Availability Following Reviews June 27 2016

Following Art Dudley's Adagio review in Stereophile and Steve Guttenberg's Minotaur review on CNET, we've had trouble keeping those two items in stock. We've come up with a way to pre-order them, which is really just a waiting list. Contact us ( and we'll put in your pre-order. About 3 days before your unit is ready, we'll send you an invoice with a link to the online payment portal. There is no obligation - if you don't complete the purchase in three days (or by the time your unit is ready, whichever is later), it just goes into online inventory or to the next person on the waiting list.

The good news is that our backlog is gradually getting smaller, and we hope to have them both back in stock in the coming weeks. Contact us ( to be notified when they're in stock.


Adagio Phono Stage Review in Stereophile May 17 2016

Art Dudley published a super review of our Adagio Phono Stage in the June issue of Stereophile (Art Dudley Listening #162). Thanks Art!!

Since the review came out, we've had trouble keeping the Adagio in stock, and we've sold out several times. Sorry for the frustration. We building more, and we anticipate having them available on or about 6/28. We've also come up with a more organized way to pre-order them (no obligation, and you don't pay until we ship). Please contact us if you'd like to pre-order one, or to be notified when they are in stock.

Tavish Design is a very small, but growing company. Thanks for your patience!