About Us

Tavish Design is a small business dedicated to designing and building affordable, innovative high-end audio reproduction equipment at a variety of price points. Our goal is to provide equipment that not only lets your music sound beautiful, but also looks good and is a pleasure to use. While we certainly don’t believe that specs tell the whole sonic story, we do insist on equipment that is reliable and measures well, as necessary first steps.

Scott Reynolds founded Tavish Design in 2011 to pursue an almost lifelong passion for music and audio. He has been designing and building audio equipment as an amateur for more than 35 years and has written articles for Audioxpress and Glass Audio, starting in 1993. He also holds a PhD in electrical engineering and has more than 25 years of industry experience in design engineering and engineering management, and he has more than 30 US patents. Scott is joined in the business by his son. Read more about Scott on LinkedIn.

Tavish Design, LLC
P.O. Box 129
Amawalk, New York 10501
914-262-6988 (M-F 9am-3pm Eastern Time)