Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Many of your products are out of stock. Why? Is Tavish Design still in business?

    Yes, Tavish is still in business, and we've been very busy. We have wait lists on several of our products, currently around a few weeks, but shorter than they used to be. Sorry about the delay. Tavish Design is a very small company, and although we ship several units every week, we can only build things so fast. Please contact us ( for more information or to join a wait list.

  2. I’ve been checking your website and waiting for new products, but I never see any. Are you planning to build a vacuum tube line stage (or integrated amp, or basic power amp, or)?

    We have several new products in the works, but it has been difficult to introduce them when we have wait lists on our existing products. But we’re getting our wait lists under control and we do plan to introduce new products in 2020. Thanks for your patience!