Adagio Phono Stage and Minotaur Integrated Amplifier Waiting Lists August 29 2016

The Adagio Phono Stage and Minotaur Integrated Amplifier continue to have waiting lists; approximately 6 weeks for the Adagio and 8 weeks for the Minotaur. Sorry for the delays. My son and I are really gratified by the positive response and the continued demand, and especially by everyone's patience. As of today (8/29), we're beginning a new batch of Minotaurs.

Please contact us if you want to purchase either item, and we'll put your name on the waiting list. There's no obligation and no pre-payment needed - we just notify you a few days before your unit is ready and send you an email invoice. If you don't complete the purchase, your unit goes to the next person on the list, or into online inventory.

We do hope to have these available online without a waiting list in the coming months.

Longer term, we're looking for a larger production space, which would allow us to hire additional help and stock a larger parts inventory to build products faster. But we're moving slowly to make certain that demand is sustained.

Thanks, Scott