Reviews and Testimonials

1. Herb Reichert wrote a "Follow-Up" review of the Adagio in the March 2018 edition of Stereophile. We think he might have said the Adagio was the best phono stage he was aware of below $3000. Thanks Herb!

2. The Adagio Phono Stage was recently re-listed as a Stereophile Recommended Component in the October 2017 issue. Fantastic, and thanks again Art.

3. Greg Voth recently reviewed our Vintage Phono Stage in Stereotimes. Thanks for the very thorough review Greg!

4. While we're unsure of Steve Guttenberg's aesthetic sense (we think the Minotaur looks awesome!), he wrote a wonderful review of our Minotaur Integrated Amp on CNET (and perhaps also proved that love is blind). Thanks Steve!

5. Art Dudley wrote a terrific review of our Adagio Phono Stage in the June 2016 edition of Stereophile (Art Dudley Listening #162). Thanks Art!

6. Ron Nagle published a great review of our Minotaur Integrated Amplifier in

"...the Minotaur was telling the truth and nothing but the truth."

7. Steve Guttenberg published a very nice review of our Vintage 6SL7 Phono Stage on CNET.

"......Jazz legend Thelonious Monk's "Monk's Dream" is an LP I've played countless times, but with the Vintage 6SL7 Monk's swinging big band swung harder than I'm used to. The recording felt more alive, more energized than usual -- the Vintage 6SL7 set the music free......."

8. We got a very positive review of our Adagio Phono Stage from Ron Nagle in (Thanks Ron!):

".........Every once in a while I am privileged to introduce a high-end audio component that combines exceptional value and performance. This is that time, so go forth and find as I'm keeping the review sample!"

9. There is a public forum on Tavish Design at diyaudio. You can read questions, answers, and comments there: