Tavish Design in December Stereophile, Tavish Design News & Products January 02 2018

Tavish Design's Adagio phono preamp got more brief mentions in December's Stereophile, in Herb Reichert's review of the Outlaw RR2160 on p. 72, and in his Gramophone Dreams column on p. 37.

And regrettably, we've been forced to raise the price of all versions of the Adagio by $100, effective today. Everybody hates price increases, and we've tried to hold the line as much as possible. The Adagio is a labor-intensive product built in small quantities in the USA. Our prices have to track our costs, or we can't keep making them - it's that simple. This increase does not affect people who are already on the waiting list.

Finally, we should have a couple of new products on the web in the coming months, a dual mono-block 30W/ch tube power amplifier using push-pull JJ 2A3-40s or 300Bs, and an OTL tube headphone amplifier based on the 6AS7G.