Audio Tube Noise Measurements May 07 2015

We are now posting and maintaining a list of noise measurements made on current production (and a few new, old-stock) audio vacuum tubes. It includes popular types such as 12AX7, 12AT7, 5751, and 6DJ8, and it will include more in the future. See our Downloads page for details, and let us know if there are other brands or types you would like to see included.

Minotaur Update April 19 2015

The Minotaur now has a tempered glass window (in place of the original polycarbonate).

Minotaur Available February 19 2015

Both versions of the Minotaur are available. Please allow 3 business days for final checkout and burn-in. We don't charge until we ship. Thanks!

Minotaur Temporarily Sold Out December 29 2014

Our small initial production of the Minotaur has sold out (both balanced and unbalanced versions). We expect to have more units available for sale in January 2015. Contact us if you are interested!

Minotaur Available and Shipping November 07 2014

The standard version of the Minotaur is now in stock. The balanced version will be available in Nov. or Dec.  2014.

New Version of Minotaur with Balanced Inputs October 29 2014

I've gotten some great positive feedback from our beta-testers, which has been very helpful for improving the product version of the Minotaur. Based on their requests, I'll also be introducing a version of the Minotaur with true balanced inputs. Product availability (of both balanced and unbalanced versions) will be slightly delayed, until Nov - Dec 2014. Please contact us for further information or to reserve one.

Minotaur Available October 2014 August 27 2014

Pre-production samples of the integrated version of the Minotaur are now in beta-testing. The first production amplifiers will be available for sale on this website in October 2014.